Made in Wolverhampton

Dir: Adam Kossoff

(UK 2011, 74 mins)

Cert: PG

Framed as a letter from the narrator to his girlfriend in Cuba, Made in Wolverhampton is a quizzical ramble around the city’s margins with a combination of locked-off photography and super-dry voiceover recalling the work of Patrick Keiller. Hunting for ‘after-images of the industrial revolution’, the film builds up layers of observation, history and quotation to engaging effect, throwing Norton bikes, Che Guevara, Poundland, Galileo and roundabout-dweller Josef Stawinoga into the mix.


In his day-job Kossoff teaches Film and Video at the School of Art and Design in Wolverhampton, and coincidentally we’ll also be showing a short made by one of his former students. Luv’in the Black Country (dir: Matthew E. Carter) is built around five tales of love on the canals.





This event is presented in partnership with Still Walking, a new festival offering guided tours by local historians, architects, walking artists, psychogeographers, dancers, micro navigators and ramblers. Still Walking bridges the gap between Flatpack and Fierce, and is intended to complement and overlap the two festivals in its themes.

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